App Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy related to the Android app ”Robbit”, available on the Google Play Store.

The only information stored in the app is the name of the robot.

The app uses the camera and microphone to send this to the user that calls in to the robot. The app does not store any of this data.

Bluetooth is used to connect to the micro:bit on the robot. To be able to search for Bluetooth devices, the GPS needs to be enabled (This is required by Android). But the app does not use any GPS data.

In the current state we can not guarantee that the connection over which video and audio data is being sent is as secure as it needs to be. The app is in development, and we have not yet gotten to this point yet. Also there is no security in place yet to prevent anyone from calling in to the robot/app. Use at your own risk.

The code for the app can be found on the github repository linked below.